VIVA Brazil Perfumes

Is Brazil leading the perfume market? Latin America is famous for their passion about all they’re attracted to. That long drawn out love that adds or bleeds its way into other cultures is very apparent in the world today.

The Brazilian fragrance market however, is the most prevalent in the world. Boasting some annual sales of up to seven billion USD. Brazilians have aroma built into their culture, some Brazilian men have been known to use up to 100ml of their Eau-de-Toilette fragrance within two weeks. Thus making the average perfume use by comparison to the rest of the modern world, greater than other cultures.

Although perfumes sold in local markets in Brazil are heavily taxed, Brazil still accounts roughly 16% of all annual perfume sales globally. Brazilians more often than not, rely on online purchases to fulfill their fragrance needs.


Author: Dropship-Online

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